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In this round we have included a pod-fic part and you can find the info here:
Current suggestions are here (but you can record whatever story you wish):


Wrapped Around My Little Finger

Title: Wrapped Around My Little Finger (from the Shousetsu Bang*Bang story archive)
Author: Roumonte Emi
Fandom: Original Fiction
Genre: m/m
Rating: NC-17
File info: 1:05:02; mp3 (78.3 MB); m4b (58.8 MB)

Abstract: "You put it in indirect sunlight and spend a lot of time near it to let it attune to you as it grows, and in three weeks or so you'll have a virgin o-hana of your very own, everything you've ever wanted, the woman of your dreams, twenty centimeters high!"

Download: mp3 or m4b at mediafire


The Hitchhiker (short story)

Title: The Hitchhiker
Author: Cheryl Dyson
Narrator: Xina Marie Uhl
Genre/Type of Work: Male/male; Contemporary short story
Rating: Adult
Summary: An encounter between a salesman and the hitchhiker leads somewhere unexpected.
File type: mp3
File size: 10.48
Length: 0:11:26
Text link: here
Download links: download @ mediafire; download or streaming @ box.net

Goria (short story)

Title: Goria
Author: Xina Marie Uhl
Narrator: Xina Marie Uhl
Genre/Type of Work: Fantasy short story (humorous/crack)
Rating: PG
Summary: Rivals brave magic and danger for the hand of fair Gregoria.
File type: mp3
File size: 13.95
Length: 0:15:14
Text link: pending
Download links: download @ mediafire; download or streaming @ box.net

Out of the Bag (short story)

Title: Out of the Bag
Author: Xina Marie Uhl
Narrator: Xina Marie Uhl
Genre/Type of Work: Contemporary short story
Rating: PG
Summary: A chance encounter that is more than it seems.
File type: mp3
File size: 2.64
Length: 0:2:53
Text link: pending
Download links: download @ mediafire; download or streaming @ box.net

Promotion post

Here is the first of (hopefully) several banners we can use to promote this comm! Please copy and paste the text in the box to your own journal and the fun will begin! 

original_audio - the place for originally-produced audio books, short stories, and more!

Listeners - enjoy a variety of recorded fiction and nonfiction
Writers/Narrators/Performers - post your original content or record a favorite piece

Please help spread the word by copying the below code to your journal:


Mod Post


This is the place to share audio recordings (mp3s/audiobooks) of:

*promos for original writing
*selected chapters

We are not the place to share already published audiobooks such as you would find in brick and mortar bookstores or fanfic recordings (aka podfics). There are numerous communities already existing for those purposes. Instead, this community is intended as a venue for writers, narrators, and other performers to share their recordings of original fiction or nonfiction, prose or poetry.

Please share only material that you have the rights to share. If you are interested in recording and sharing someone else's written work, for example, make sure that you have permission from them or that their work is either in the public domain or covered by a Creative Commons license

Please include the title and number of chapters/eventual posts if applicable in the SUBJECT LINE. For example: The Gauntlet Thrown, (1/13)

Please TAG with (at a minimum) the AUTHOR and GENRE of your recording. Other tags are welcomed here as well. 

You may use the following template when posting here:

Questions, comments, suggestions? Leave them here, please!



welcome to original_audiofic

this is the place to share and promote your writing in a different and innovative way.

so... narrate your stories or get someone else to do it for you and share it here with us

or maybe you just know of a good story that someone else wrote that you you would like to read and share here with us

maybe you only want to record a couple of chapters for promotion but want feed back

this is the place for you

all i ask is that you support your fellow contributors.. everyone is valued.
positive criticism is welcome but bashing will not be allowed

most importantly have fun.. and tell your friends